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Presentation Skills Training Course

Training Course Outline

One of the most challenging, nerve racking experiences for most of us is standing up in front of others to present. Whether presenting to the board, pitching for a new sales contract, updating your team or competing for your next company promotion many of us HATE this feeling of UTTER despair and humiliation. Butterflies turn in to gremlins.

The Presentation Skills Training Course addresses all these issues. You will be amazed how more confident and effective you will be in ALL your future presentations.

Who will benefit

This two day presentation skills training course enhances the skills of anyone who is charged with presenting anything from a wedding speech to a company conference or addressing an auditorium of eagerly anticipating prospects.
Whether you are selling your products and services for the first or 100th time or pitching for new business, addressing a team of graduates who are looking to your for inspiration or presenting yourself at interview this Presentation Skills training course is for you !

Training Course Content and Learning

This rapid improvement training course focuses on removing the obstacles people find when presenting.
You will learn how to….

  • Deal with not knowing the answer to a question from the audience
  • Manage your nerves for maximum performance
  • Overcome the “Errms” and “You know”, “Kind of like” space fillers
  • Project Confidence in your delivery
  • Prevail when equipment lets you down
  • Engage your audience when there’s an apparent lack of reaction
  • Tame your inner critic
  • Feel comfortable with hearing your own voice

Delegates will be introduced to simple and effective tools that enable anyone to deliver any presentation with the right impact. These tools and learning points include:

  • The P.A.D Method (Purpose, Audience, Deliverables)
  • Story Boarding
  • The Power of 3 in your introductory speech
  • Essence of timing
  • Stage presence
  • Avoiding multimedia traps
  • Engaging your audience
  • Mind Mapping
  • Plan-Do-Review-Learn-Improve infinity cycle
  • Responding to your audience
  • Managing the hecklers and interruptors

Presentation Skills Training Course Outcomes

Having designed and delivered the Presentation skills programme for individuals on a one to one intervention and for global organisatojsn we can safely state that there have been demonstrable improvements in presentation performances with beter client and audience feedback.

This programme typically includes video analysis on day one and again on the second day to demonstrate the improvements.

Delegates get a copy of their own DVD to see their before and after presentations providing a handly reference tool for future presentations.

Nerves are managable, confidence is increased, relevant information is presented to an engaged audience who benefit from their attention.

Delivery and Cost

Like many of MPT provision, this programme is designed for each specific organisation with clear desired outcomes at the centre of the delivery. The presentation skills programmes is typically delivered over 2 days with a gap of 3-4 weeks in between the modules to allow for practise and refelction. A more intensive programme can be designed delivered. Please contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss your specific requirements so we can help you improve your performance.

  • ‘MTP ran a Presenting with Impact Master Class for my Leadership team, using video analyses, storyboarding and several other techniques. He did a ‘before and after’ Video on the presentations. The improvement and impact of the training was evident. Following the training the team presented with more confidence and in a much more engaging way that relied less on slides.  I would highly recommend this course for anybody who regularly delivers presentations, public speeches or is customer facing.’

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