Developing talent through inspirational training since 2003


Welcome to MPT Academy

The MPT Academy is a professional team of passionate people with a central ambition to help individuals, teams and organisations improve performance. We design and deliver learning and development training programmes including one to one coaching, group workshops, large scale seminars and blended learning options on a range of subject areas.

Our training provision is pragmatically designed and applied with minimal jargon and theoretical hype. We work with organisations to understand what improvements they want and we design and deliver training and development courses and programmes according to those specific requirements.

Leadership training programmes, management training and team building are core business development modules that we deliver both in house and as scheduled open courses. Effective leaders, cohesive teams and staff engagement impact on organisational efficiency, customer service, aid staff retention and reflect on sales and profitability. 

Our open training and in house development programmes which we constantly review and amend to ensure they deliver the most up to date knowledge, skills and application are designed to deliver impressive results in personal growth and impact in the workplace. This is reflected in the client recognition of the effectiveness of the training and the commitment to roll out bespoke and modular training to reap the rewards within their organisations. 

MPT started out of frustration in attending the same old one day training wonders where you were force fed as much as you could handle in a day only to forget most of it within 24 hours and so received minimal return on investment.

Put up or shut up is our philosophy, so we decided to put up and provide an alternative suite of management training solutions. We are passionate about helping people help themselves. It’s about leaving a positive and lasting impression on everyone we work with.
That’s why we do this!

Inspirational Training and Development

Management Training Course

Our award winning flagship Management Development programme consists of 8 or more interactive learning modules.

Leadership Training

Designed for senior managers or aspiring senior managers to advance their pragmatic leadership performance.

One to One

One to one and executive team coaching develops measurable personal, social and professional confidence and competence from assertiveness to business growth .

Team Building

Developing, working and performing together as an interdependent team achieving the focused success criteria.

Sales Training Courses

One to one, group, bespoke and conference style provision on how to sell with confidence.

Wellbeing Series

Engaged prevention training and programmes to enable your people to enhance their sustainable motivation and performance.

Customer Care Courses

The Customer Care programme is designed and delivered as a bespoke in-house solution to heighten the service delivery culture within any organisation.

Skills Clinics

Bite sized sessions ranging from 1 hour to multiple days addressing specific personal and professional skills.

Bespoke Training Courses

Half-day, 1 day or multiple interventions to assist individuals, teams and organisations scratch their itch and thrive.

What's going on?

Here at the MPT Academy we like to know what's going on out there. Some of what we learn is worth sharing, whether it's some best practice we picked up at one of our training workshops, or a topical discussion point we found out about, or the latest research worth considering for your organisation or pure and simple the successes generated by our training solutions.