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Strategic Away Days and Company Conferences

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The need to get away from the day to day operational distractions of the workplace is a common theme when planning and reviewing certain periods of time and activity in organisations.Company away days to focus on strategy, business planning, structuring teams and projects are essential ingredients in the recipe for success. MPT is often called upon to facilitate or co-facilitate such sessions to offer an impartial non-judgemental view point and to control the flow of the agenda.

Who will benefit

When you get a group of passionate people together in a room discussing topics of importance there are often disagreements, a lot of talking and little if any conclusions or solid plans to go away and implement. This results in a waste of time, effort and money and can often leave a sour taste with some participants. When you bring in the services of a facilitator with a specific remit (agree the strategic pillars for the next 3 years to achieve the overall vision), or a general remit to esure a plan of action with measurable performance objectives is agreed by the end of the day, you get maximum return on investment for the time, effort and money spent. Additionally with MPT facilitators you get the added value of on-going support via phone and email correspondence to assist the implementation of the plan back in the workplace.
Similarly at annual conferences or quarterly whole company communication meetings MPT can offer an external perspective, share best practise, ask naive questions that provoke thought and discussion or simply add another dimension to the conference topic.


MPT has professional experience at facilitating away days within schools, commercial organisations and sports teams enabling the members of the group to focus on the details of implementation. You will identify obstacles that may inhibit the execution of your plans to full effect and by doing so you will construct strategies and contingency to deal with these obstacles, often with the ability to remove them before they even happen. We assist in the communication of any change or introduction without the previous experience of internal issues that tend to divert the message.


A fully engaged team with clear and concise plans to implement and affect the best possible results for their team and organisation having been challenged and supported through the process of reviewing and planning.


Delivery and Costs

Like many of MPT provision, this service is designed for each specific organisation with clear desired outcomes at the centre of the delivery. Please contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss your specific requirements so we can help you improve your performance.


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