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Training Course Outline

The Management Academy is a progressive development programme enabling managers of all levels from any background to enhance their people management delivery.

Who will benefit from the “Open” Management Academy

Whether you’re new to managing, a seasoned manager wanting new ideas or a senior manager wanting to refresh your skills, the Management Academy offers you the most up to date solutions you need to be the best manager you can be.

80% of the UK workforce stated they have left their manager, NOT their organisation.

Staggering isn’t it ?

To think of all that waste of talent and experience due to poor management. In our extensive experience managers get promoted to their role due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • They are the best at the technical role they play within the organisation (sales, finance, chef, teacher etc).
  • They have been there the longest, so a reward for longevity of service.
  • It’s their turn as the person before them just left so they get to try !
  • If they are not promoted they’ll leave and take their skill set (and possibly clients) with them.

Hardly the best criteria for leading and managing your workforce is it ?

How did you become good at what you do in your job ?
Training, learning, development and possibly assessments and even qualifications ?

The same therefore is true to become a better manager.

Why do we think we’ll just pick it up as we go along ?

This is possible but the price is far higher than any development programme or intervention you’ll invest in.

The Management Academy offers managers and potential managers the essential skills, tools, experience and pragmatism to get the very best from their people and deliver the results your organisation wants with confidence.


The open Management Academy 2.0 is delivered via 10 interactive modules covering the essentials in:

  • People Management
  • Performance Management
  • Change Management
  • Business Management

You as the manager (1)

What is expected of you as a manager in YOUR organisation ?

Not text book theory, just specific requirements you need for your team and organisation to thrive.
You’ll design your own 360 degree Capabilities Matrix to gain greater self awareness and valuable feedback from others to hone your managerial skills in to implemented benefits.
Start with yourself before imposing your management on others.
Defining Management and what this means in practice not in theory, especially in this changeable world with vast differences between generations of employees
Gain a greater understanding of the different roles of the modern manager and how to be good at all of them.

Personal Effectiveness (2)

The importance of the Compass as well as the Clock to be personally effective for you, your team and the orgainsation.

Being a Role Model is essential for people to follow. Authenticity is one of the top requirements peopel look for in their manager, but it is seldom delievered. Understand the difference between Urgency and Importance. Apparently EVERYTHING is URGENT these days, but how can it be ? Learn how to prioritise efficiently maintaining composure and control to ensuring the right things get done in the time you have.
Handle interruptions with assertiveness and confidence without cacuing friction.
Appreciate where you have Control  and  No control and how to act accordingly.
Reinstate the element of Choice and the impact this will have on everything we do.
Manage distractions and take ownership of your workload.
Learn how to employ a closed door policy as well as an open door policy and why this is essential for your own sanity as well as maximum productivity.
Understand what’s the Best use of my time right now !

Effective Communication (3)

Communication is the root of all problems and the heart of all solutions when we get it right !

Utilise the power of Active Listening to enhance your effective communication in all situations. Appreciate the challenges of modern communication and how to work with them and the people who use them for maximum understanding of your message. Use the notion of ‘Seek first to Understand THEN to be Understood’ to gain the respect you need to be the best manager you can be.
Ensure you are setting objectives aligned the North Principle in your organisation, communicating the direction with clarity and full understanding.Hold productive meetings in a variety of ways to ensure this is the best use of time and resources.
Learn and utilise the 3 Golden rules of Effective Communication to excel in getting your message across and the results you expect.

Motivation (4)

Why can’t we motivate our people and if we can’t how do we get results ?
Learn how to inspire extraordinary performances from ordinary people.
Understand and work to enhance the relationship between Motivation and Happiness, because ALL of your people want this. Trust us we’ve done the research !
Learn how to use the ABCD model of motivation every day to get the best from a highly motivated workforce.
Enable people to perform tasks willingly to the best of their ability by enhancing their readiness so they understand the importance and they have the confidence to do it.
Learn how to Recognise and Value individual and team contribution so your people will want to continue performing at their best level.

Lead2Succeed (5)

What is Leadership and how does it work within your role in your organisation ? Appreciae the shrinking gap between Leadership and Management in the modern working world. Understand how to lead different people in different situations for the best possible results. Utilise different approaches for different performance levels and why we seem to favour only one or two. Reframe the traditional view on Micro Management and understand how it is useful in certain scenarios to aid people’s performance at all levels. Generate enhanced desirable followership gaining respect as a leader. Take away Task Analysis, the most pragmatic tool in the programme that will fundamentally enhance your performance as a leader

Managing Change (6)

Change is Happening ! There’s no getting away from it, so how do we manage through this in the best possible way with minimum disruption and casualties ?

Learn how to identify resisiance and roll with it, don’t do against it ! Understand why people resist and often don’t like change. Gain pragmatic coaching skills to navigate the best possible course through the change process using the 7 key steps. Identify where people are on the change curve and how to manage their journey accoridngly. Understand why organisations fail in implementing change, what to avoid and what to embrace to get the best results for yours.

Management by Numbers (7)

So many Managers don’t understand the numbers !

We have found this to be a real challenge especially when senior managers expect them to take ownership of the budget and the daily operational activities. Learn the 3 foundations of financials and how they provide you with a health check on your department and organisation. Really appreciate the costs of sales and how commerciality works informing your decisions for better results. What really is Net Profit and why are so many people mis-infomred as they focus on the turnover ?

Recruitment and Retention (8)

Learn the true cost of recruitment and the impact of poor practice on your bottom line

Understand the recruitment process so you can Plan, Do and Review for best return on investment.
The perfect candidate for your organsiation is probably not out there. Learn how to identify the right candidate and how to enahnce their performance to meet the specific requirements in the role.
Focus on cultural fit for sustainable success.
Consider the many different interviewing styles to assess the candidate fit for your team and organisation
Really get to appreciate the need, purpose and power of an effective on-boarding programme including, Induction, Orientation, OTJ Development and Evaluation.
Plan the Development of your new starter so they earn their salary as quickly and as effectively as possible

Delegate to Accumulate (9)

Realise the Barriers and Benefits of Delegating and Delegation

One of the top two challenges most managers expreince in their role is delegating. It is one of the most feared roles managers must embrace to get more things done in the time they have to achieve them. Learn how to get more output for less personal input, maximising on your time as a manager not an expensive operative !
Master the employment of the different levels of Delegation.
Plan how you Delegate a task with the maximum certainty of the best results.
Proportion the right Accountability, Responsibility and Responsiveness through Ownership.

Managing Performance (10)

Conduct effective one to one reviews to inspire performance  

Set, agree and review performance objectives and targets with a clear line of sight to the organisational aims.
Understand the difference between learning and training and use the most suitable approach to develop the talent within your team.
Plan and evaluate your learning and development appreciating the different learning styles and learning media to ensure maximum return on investment. Embrace managing performance as an on-going relatyionships as opposed to the traditional appraisal once or twice a year. Give and receive constructive feedback to aid performance improvement. Manage behavioural performance as well as target acomplishment for greater employee engagement and results.


There are work based exercises given as homework so all delegates can implement their learning as soon as they return to the workplace.

Delegates graduating from the Management Academy gain confidence in areas where they used to struggle, they are more assertive, enabling, focused and collaborative ensuring people are part of the solution in the organisation and less of the problem. The Academy is a journey where sharing and learning form MPT trainers and other delegates marries the best possible outcomes for meaningful, pragmatic solutions, no what the text books say.

Delivery and Investment

The new open Management Academy 2.0  is delivered over 5 one day workshops with one workshop per month.
£1,295 + VAT per delegate
£1,250 + VAT per delegate when 2 or more delegates attend the same open Academy from the same organisation.

In-house Academy programmes vary in design and delivery to suit the organisational wants and needs and to accommodate the constraints of the working environment.

Additional Information

Tea, Coffee and Lunch is provided on all open programmes

The next Open Academy will be held at the address below :

Christ Church

Jubilee Square


GU21 6YG

  • I like the “Open” Management Academy because my team get to meet other pople in business, different sorts of business and different sorts of people who are within management.

    Being able to share that infomation and look at it from a different point of view from a different business has been absolutely invaluable.

    It’s really inspired people to progress within their role.

    It’s really been a part of their career plan


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