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Train The Trainer Course

Training Course Outline

Sharing knowledge is the key to growing organisation’s sustainable success.
Being an expert doesn’t automatically qualify you to share this through training, as training others is a skill set in it’s own right.
The Train the Trainer Course enables in-house trainers to design and deliver with confidence, conviction and demonstrable results.

Who will benefit

Whether you are one manager responsible for inducting new members of your team, an HR professional wanting to improve your skills in delivering key skills within your organisation, or part of the in-house training team, Expression’s Train the Trainer programme enables each delegate to design and deliver the most effective learning, training and development to up skill your learners.

Training Course Content and Learning

This One and a half day training course provides the essential learning for trainers to design and deliver pragmatic training so their learners grasp the skills and behaviours needed to work to their full potential.

Trainers will learn…

  • People are different and we don’t all learn the same way.
  • There is no single better way of learning, so this programme explores the differences and how to design and deliver a training programme to connect with each and every member of your team.
  • Training is never free even if it is conducted by an in-house training team on your organisation’s premises.
  • Capture the attention of your audience so they retain the maximum amount of knowledge and they can perform the desired skills.
  • The Shadow System approach to departmental training
  • Test what you teach so you know you have successfully imparted knowledge, skills and application.
  • How to gain maximum Return on Investment.

The Train the Trainer programme is offered in-house to ensure the right design and delivery is applied.

The second half day is set aside for assessment of their training skills via a video recorded training session.

Written, verbal and video feedback is given for each trainer so they always have a frame of reference to work from.

Train The Trainer Course Outcomes

Train the Trainer ensures your training delivers maximum return on investment, whilst engaging your learners to implement what they have learned on the job.
New employees and those new to a role or set of tasks earn their salary quicker and more effectively.
Trainers take ownership and pride in the design and delivery of meaningful training that adds value to the individual and their team.

Delivery and Cost

Like many of MPT provision, this programme is designed for each specific organisation with clear desired outcomes at the centre of the delivery. The Train the Trainer programme is an in-house provision and typically spans 2 full days over a 3-4 week period. Day two involves videoing delegate’s training sessions whether classroom based, or on the job. Please contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss your specific requirements so we can help you improve your performance.

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